Coomassie Blue Solution

1.        Dissolve 2g Coomassie Blue (Serva Blau) in 250ml water.

2.        Slowly add 75ml of glacial acetic acid.

3.        Add 500ml of ethanol.

4.        q.s. to 1000ml with water.

Final concentrations:

0.2% Coomassie Blue

7.5% Acetic Acid

50% Ethanol

50X TAE Buffer Recipe

1.        Measure ~900ml distilled H2O.

2.        Add 242g Tris base.

3.        Add 57.1ml Glacial Acetic Acid.

4.        Add 18.6 g EDTA

5.        Adjust volume to 1L with additional distilled H2O.