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Current Functional Molecular Biology Lab Personnel:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Keith Baar

Post Doctoral Fellows: Dan West, Kurt Roberts, Dave Hughes, and Marita Wallace

PhD Students: Ann Lee, Nick Aguirre

MSc Students: Michael Selep

Students: Whitney Vuong, Rebecca Miller, Jules Damey, Dagoberto Piña, Sydney Solayinka, Kishan Patel, Jonangelo Perry, Charlotte Ellberg

Research Technicians: George Marcotte, Courtney Chason

Previous Functional Molecular Biology Lab Personnel:

We have had the great pleasure of having a number of incredible students and postdoctoral fellows in the lab. Many of them are continuing to do great works and some have developed into leaders in their fields. We thank each of them for their contributions to the FMBlab and encourage you to keep an eye on them.

Post Doctoral Fellows: Sean McGee, Louise Deldicque, Andy Philp, Leigh Breen, Alastair Khodabukus, Mathew MacKenzie, Kenny Donnelly, Maarten de Boer

PhD Students: D. Lee Hamilton, Jennifer Z. Paxton

Masters Students: Todd McIntyre, Mark Pepin, Micah Belew, Paul Hagerty

Undergraduate Students: Baubak Shamim, Shanie Landon, Erika Chason, Natalie Sandoval, Harley Grandin, Adam Howard, Amy Patton, Don Pham, Erin Laverone, Itwinder Singh, Kevin Oh, Louise Marquino, Helen LamJonathan Hickson, Tom Maden-Wilinson, Alan Corstorphine, Tom Youngs

Research Technicians: Cara Martin, Leonie Wood


Other Relevant Personnel:

Head of the Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior: Dr Jim Trimmer

NPB Head Administrator: Cynthia Roberts Tel: (530) 752-25586


Fun in Photos:

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