Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory

University of California Davis

Keith Baar, Ph.D.

Mission Statement

To perform world-class musculoskeletal research in a family environment

Authorship Determination

You must make a significant contribution in at least 2 of the following 5 categories to be considered an author on any manuscript that comes from this laboratory.

1.    Contribute to the Conceptualization and Design of the study that is the basis for the manuscript

2.    Provide the Supervision, Resources, and/or Materials required for the completion of the study

3.    Create or Design a Method, Device, System, or Process Essential for the completion of the study

4.    Perform the Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Analysis, and/or Data Interpretation

5.    Contribute to the Literature Review, Writing, and Critical Review of the manuscript

If you feel that you have contributed to work in accordance to the guidelines listed above and are not recognized please contact me immediately.  In cases where no agreement can be reached between two parties, a third party – non-partial – arbiter will be used.  This person will be selected in agreement of all the parties involved.