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Lab Mission: To perform world-class musculoskeletal research in a family environment

FMBLab Exercise Physiology:


A Series of New Reviews!

Over the past few weeks we have had 5 new reviews published on the molecular biology of exercise training. Two of the papers (here and here) deal with the concurrent training effect and how to optimize training and nutrition to maximize both strength and endurance. Another talks about the effects of exercise on the activity of the protein kinase mTOR in not only muscle but liver, fat and brain as well. In the fourth review, we discuss the different disease states that lead to muscle wasting and the exisiting and promising future drugs that can be used to fight muscle loss. The last review updates our molecular understanding of how resistance exercise increases muscle mass. Please take a look at them and let us know whether you have any questions.

FMBLab Engineering:
New Papers on How the Environment Affects Engineered Muscle Function!

Over the past few weeks we have had 4 papers published in in a variety of journals describing how things in the growth media affect the development and function of engineered muscles. These papers represent the culmination of years of work by long time FMBLab member Dr. Alastair Khodabukus. These papers, and one more that is still in review, will cement Ali as the foremost tissue engineer in the world. In the first paper, we showed that the serum in the media could change a muscle from fast to slow. In the second, we showed that the antibiotic streptomycin could prevent shifts in muscle phenotype. In the third and fourth we showed that the cells that you start with and the amount of sugar in the media also affect the type of muscle that you get. Together, these papers will reshape how people culture muscle cells around the world and add to our understanding of how fast and slow muscles are made.


Lab Photo:


Lab Members (and families) 6/14/2014: Left, Whitney Vuong, Shanie Landen, Michael Selep, Rebecca Miller, Kody Simpson, Jules Damey-Fernandez, Bobby Shamim, (his mother and father),Nicholas Aguirre, Dr. Kurt Watson (with his girlfriend on his left),George Marcotte, Keith Baar (with his daughter Rowan) Right

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